Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Why You Don’t Go with Metal Crowns

For many, with the technology that we have, we’ll be able to change smiles in either a few visits, or few hours. There are many services out there and treatments that you can get from your Kennewick dentist, and often, they’re available to anyone, no matter the situation. One service that many dentists offer are crowns. A crown is basically a cap that’s put over the tooth to help with the shape, strength, size, and even the appearance. There are two types, metal and porcelain, and these days, metal is not as great as the latter, and you’re about to find out why that might be.

Now, a metal crown is made up of an alloy that is gold, pallidum which is another alloy, or a metal-based alloy, such as nickel or chromium. Now, you might not believe it, but these crowns have been around for many centuries. Gold was typically the metal of choice, but there are others that are used instead.

Now, as technology continues to advance, there are new and better ways to give the best treatments possible. One of them is using porcelain instead of metal dental crowns. Now, there are some that are a good fit for metal crowns, but these days porcelain is the better option. Here is why.

Now porcelain looks prettier. They’re good for teeth in the front or any other tooth that is visible. They look more lifelike and actually are more aesthetically pleasing. They don’t conduct heat or cold much, and it’ll reduce the temperature sensitivity. They are also super low risk to chipping and cracking.

Now metal crowns aren’t easily hidden, so they’re only used for molars or teeth you don’t normally see. A big problem however with metal crowns, is that they conduct temperatures a lot easier than the latter. This in turn will result in sensitivity, and sometimes, it’s unbearable. This can often happen in the first few weeks after placement as well. Often, they might be reactive in people with metal sensitivities as well, which can cause allergies and other problems a well, and that could potentially be a big problem. One other big thing with these metal crowns as well is that gold tends to wear down over the years. If you’re a person that grinds your teeth, it’s important to make sure that you don’t get this, since it’ll wear it down.

Finally, another major problem with this is often, because the gold is cast from a molten metal, it will sometimes leave small gaps at the sides that can cause decay in a person.

Now, reading this, it should be obvious which one to choose. It’s also cheaper and will last a whole lot longer as well. You can go to your Kennewick dentist in order to discuss which one is the best for your situation. Remember with dental work, everyone is unique, and while some might be good with metal, they might choose porcelain, and in some cases, metal might be the better option. With the advances in technology as well, there are many other different types as well. Most dental offices will prefer to use the porcelain crowns as often as possible. It’s important to remember that for you as a person, you often what something that is discreet and looks good, and you don’t want to have something with excessive temperature sensitivity. This is often a big part of it, and often, for many people, the porcelain dental crown is the winning option, and the one to go through.

If you’re wondering if you want to go metal or porcelain, this alone should tell you that porcelain is the way to go. Of course, you should also go see your dentist to ensure that this is the right step for you, since they can be pricy, and insurance tends to not cover everything. Then again, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. But if you do, definitely go for the option that will last the longest and that will give you the best results. For many people, porcelain is the way to go, and it’s often the easiest on the mouth too.

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